VISTA Video Player

Remote management of one or many screens in one or many locations


Content Options

Assorted widgets enable images, video, RSS Feeds, social media integration, and more. 

Cloud Management

Control content playback in the cloud by uploading audio files using the FLEX portal.

Local Playback

Once downloaded, playlists continuously display with or without internet connection.

Features that provide valuable options for VIDEO Playback


  • HDMI Output
  • Network Interface
  • 5V DC Power Supply
  • Status Indicator LED
  • 32 GB Internal Memory
  • Up to 4K Resolution
  • Remote Screen Simulation
  • WiFi Compatibility¬†


includes Accessories required for most typical installations


  • A/C Power Adapter
  • HDMI Cable
  • RJ45 Ethernet Cable (7 ft)
  • Remote w/batteries
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